Enterprise Data Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EDMS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of US based software company Ex3 (Efficient Enterprise Engineering,Inc) which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and also having facilities at Cleveland,Ohio and Concordia,Kansas.

EDMS has been operational since 2009 having its registered office at Lindsay Street, Kolkata functioning primarily as the development center for Ex3, a global leader in the web-based and enterprise-wide software systems focusing on environment, health, safety and productivity data management with customers in over 60 countries around the globe. EDMS is now in the process of stepping into the domestic market for introducing Ex3 products.

EDMS is dedicated to ensuring the success of its clients by partnering with them to provide state of the art, current technology solutions that streamline processes and ensures the development, implementation and support of best-known practices across the entire organization.

EDMS has successfully combined a unique mix of skills and experience of technology professionals. Our highly skilled team of technical developers work in conjunction with our business analysts to provide a critical balance between technical and business units to create solutions that are highly effective and flexible enough to support future business change.

All of our IT development and services staff are highly skilled and dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the business needs of our customers. A comprehensive technical understanding is critical to the success of all IT projects. Our skills in the development of workflow solutions ensures that we design and deliver the most streamlined solution for our customers with methodical consideration of their requirements.



  1. Mr. Nathan Giles, Director

  2. Mr. Anirban Das, Director

  3. Mr. Subrata Majumdar, Director

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